When it comes to the ways of death, few people would think of dehydration as an especially gruesome one. Yet, dehydration leads to an especially painful and slow death. Protracted dehydration, even when not lethal, can lead to severe damage to our bodies. It is also important to know that early signs of dehydration are not easy to recognize by those affected by it. Our need for water, bigger than the need for food, should not be surprising given the fact that the majority of our body is comprised of water content.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mild dehydration makes the blood thicker, requiring more energy to pump it through the body.
  • Severe dehydration causes the body to draw water from its own cells and organs.
  • Over-hydration is a problem as well, as organs can swell to dangerous levels.

“After a sandstorm, the former Olympian was caught alone for ten days in the desert without a support team or supplies to help him through.”

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