Whether you are a craft brewer or distiller or specialty coffee shop, branded beakers can help you stand out from the crowd. Glass science beakers make novel in-store display, serving or drinking vessels.  Add your custom imprinted brand logo to stand out or hand out as giveaways. We can print your logo on our smallest chemistry beaker, 50 mL (2 ounces) right up to our largest, 2000 mL. Our minimum order is only 50 pieces.

Branded Beakers for Craft Distillers

A custom imprinted beaker is an inexpensive way to showcase your brand. Whether you distill scotch, bourbon, or rye, serving it in a science beaker adds a certain cachet. It suggests the careful craftsmanship that went into making something distinctively different from your competition.

Branded Beakers Distillery Glassware, Barware for Alcohol & Spirits

These 100ml glass beakers make unique shot glasses. This customer opted for a white ink logo on one order and then black on the next. One for tuxedos and the other for dinner jackets.

Distillery glassware branded beakers for sampling and tasting

This 250ml glass works as a snifter for sipping rather than for shots. Printing left to right limits the logo size but doing it up & down provides more linear space.

Craft Brewery Branded Beakers

Brewing specialty varieties of beer and drinking them in wide-mouth glass beakers go hand in hand. A nice foamy head with all its aroma is meant to be quaffed from such a vessel. Let your customers know they drank something special with your unique marque in plain view.

Branded Beakers for craft beer breweries

brewery barware scientific glassware pyrex branded beakers

This logo was done on a 500 mL glass beaker. This larger size provides a lot more space to display a particularly large brand message. There is room below to add a street or web address.

Specialty Coffee Branded Brewers

Coffee, made mundane as brown swill by large chains, can still hold surprises, especially for the connoisseur. Whether you like full city or dark roast or espresso, experiencing a new coffee can be as delightful as any drink, alcoholic or otherwise. What better way to stand out from the purveyors of paper cups than with a beaker boldly blazoned with your brand?

Branded Beakers for Coffee and Tea

500 mL worth of coffee, only for the serious caffeine junkie. Note how this elegant logo, printed in white, stands out. Truly a vessel for quiet contemplation.

Top 11 Kitchenware & Barware Uses for Lab Glassware

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to custom glassware. Here’s our Top 11 List for ways to use science glassware for drinking or display.

    1. Brewery Sample Beakers
  1. Coffee Pour Over and Filter Brew Beakers
  2. Distillery Sample Beakers
  3. Salad Oil & Vinegar Container – various glassware
  4. Milk and Sugar Containers for Coffee or Tea
  5. Spice Containers – Various Glassware
  6. Candy Packaging – Gifts
  7. Shooters – Test Tubes
  8. Halloween and Christmas Specialties
  9. Wedding Favors – Glassware
  10. Freshman/First-Year Beakers

Brewery Beer Beaker Promotional Sample Glassware

Have any other ideas for our glassware? Let us know in the comments and we’ll get back to you about making it happen!

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