A group of researchers has come together to create an instrument that monitors the decaying of a nuclear reaction. This new sensor is instrumental in understanding the subatomic particles known as the neutrino. These particles have decay differently than other subatomic particles and due to their spontaneity, are often hard to record. The new neutrino sensing instrument allows scientists to capture this decay reaction through the observance of different light waves. The collaborative effort of these scientists will help us to better understand quantum physics and chemistry.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a new ultra-sensitive molecular technique that helps monitor nuclear decay reactions.
  • Tagging is a method that could be used in order to detect barium ions from nuclear decay.
  • The work is interdisciplinary as it uses science and particle physics together to achieve a result.

“Neutrinos are subatomic particles that have no electrical charge and extremely small mass — some even think they could have no mass.”

Read more: https://massivesci.com/notes/neutrino-double-beta-decay-particle-physics-tag/

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