An estimated 6.7 million bats have faced an early demise due to a fungus known as white-nose syndrome. This condition is not only a danger to bats but also our environment and economy as bats serve specific roles in the functionality of our atmospheres. Due to so many species facing extinction from white-nose syndrome, these threats to our society are growing more and more as a whole. Researchers are currently working hard to develop treatment methods to help eradicate this epidemic.

Key Takeaways:

  • At least 6.7 million bats have passed away due to the white-nose syndrome that is circulating.
  • If these bats face extinction, then we could potentially face detrimental consequences to our environment.
  • Researchers are continuously working on finding ways to combat this ailment in order to save our flighty friends.

“White-nose syndrome is nearly as lethal to bats as the Black Plague was for humans.”

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