With trade wars and climate change issues affecting every aspect of our lives, finding a sustainable and climate-friendly food option is almost a necessity to ensure the human species continues. In her new blog post, Bahar Gholipour addresses algae as a potential solution to this problem, the projected amount of food that will be needed as the population increases, how algae production can be brought to fruition and explains the full life cycle for algae to become a source of energy for humans.

Key Takeaways:

  • Algae has the potential to be consumed and could be harnessed to assist in pending food scarcity.
  • Algae is can be cultivated in harsh climates and provides many essential nutrients our body requires.
  • Algae farms are able to effectively harvest algae while being able to recycle much of the remaining water back.

“The projected population of the world in 2050 will require a 70 percent increase in food production, but we are already stretching our resources with the way we grow food today, a new United Nations report warned yesterday.”

Read more: https://massivesci.com/articles/iwi-algae-protein-nannochloropsis-food-essential-amino-acids/

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