The Event Horizon Telescope—really a virtual telescope with an effective diameter of the Earth—has been pointing at Sagittarius A* for the last several years. Most researchers in the astrophysics community expect that its images, taken from telescopes all over the Earth, will show the telltale signs of a black hole.  However, a question is now being risen about these black holes. People are wondering if they are in fact dark energy stars.

Key Takeaways:

  • Astrophysicists believe that the images taken of Sagittarius A from all over the world will reveal it to be a black hole.
  • However, it is the opinion of physicist George Chapline that Sagittarius A is not a black hole but a dark energy star.

“The idea has found no support in the astrophysical community—over the last decade, Chapline’s papers on this topic have garnered only single-digit citations. His most popular paper in particle physics, by contrast, has been cited over 600 times.”

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