Scientific research is important for the continuation and sustainability of human life, but unfortunately, ethical issues often prevent research to be conducted on human subjects. In his new blog post, Doug Johnson addresses the topic of testing on larger water mammals and elephants. He summarizes the cancer-specific research being done on their genetic makeup, studies that have been conducted, and advocates for the protection of these species as it relates to potential future scientific breakthroughs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although containing a hundred times more cells than a human with seeming cancer-producing potential, large animals like whales and elephants actually see fewer instances of getting cancer.
  • It appears these animals may have the key to unlocking means of preventing or curing cancer.
  • Unfortunately, if they continue to dwindle in numbers, we could lose access to unlocking this potential.

“The findings, along with similar work on elephants, suggest that somewhere, hiding in the genetic code and evolutionary history of large mammals, there could be a new cancer treatment for humans.”

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