The opioid epidemic is a major issue, especially in America. The problem is that although this medicine is meant to relieve pain, it is also extremely addictive. Thus, people prescribed opioids for pain often become dependent on the substance. This is due to the biochemistry and natural acidity of the human body. However, scientists are in the process of creating pain-relieving drugs like opioids, but without the addictive side effect. They are hoping to use the acidity of pain areas to target opioids, therefore reducing their dependent nature.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scientists are researching ways to reduce the addiction aspect of opioids, while still maintaining the pain-relieving benefits.
  • The opioid addiction pathway in the body has a lot to do with each person’s biochemistry and internal acidity levels.
  • To produce an addiction-free pain drug, scientists are looking at varying the acidity levels of affected areas, thus, targeting the pain.

“Opioids are one of the most powerful pain medications available, but millions of Americans have struggled with prescription opioid misuse after getting hooked on the feelings of calm and euphoria they also induce.”

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