The Earth’s inner core was discovered through the combined efforts of seismologists, geodynamicists, and mineral physicists, and a new study has demonstrated that the inner core of the Earth is growing faster on one side relative to the other. The Earth’s core was formed within the first 200 million years of the existence of the entire planet, as the heavier iron concentrated towards the center while lighter elements floated to the top. As the core expands, the Earth will eventually lose its magnetic field, although this will happen billions of years from now. Gravity will even out the current growth of the inner core and more evenly distribute the metal that was unevenly distributed due to heat and pressure.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Earth’s core was formed when gravity pulled heavy iron to its center, and it crystallized over time as the planet cooled.
  • Unexpected variance in seismic waves that travel through the inner core suggests that something asymmetrical is occurring.
  • Gravitational forces keep the inner core spherical and prevent the planet from tipping.

“In a new study, they reveal how Earth’s inner core is growing faster on one side than the other, which could help explain how old the inner core is, and the intriguing history of Earth’s magnetic field.”

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