Molecular models have been essential teaching tools for chemistry, biology and crystallography for decades. Their predicted obsolescence due to computer modelling has proven unfounded as the importance of physical manipulation  is reiterated.

Indigo® GlowBonds™ add a new dimension as seen by the 6 examples  below.

Cellphone Stand w/ GlowBonds

We built this cell phone stand  with parts in our most economical student organic chemistry model set.  To make it both truly functional & practical, we substituted the regular bonds with our glow in the dark ones.

Cell Phone Stand

Glow in the dark molecular model cell phone stand. Find your phone for up to 6 hours after you turn the lights out…dark accommodated eyes required.


What  could better than Luciferin to demonstrate bioluminscence? Its importance in genetic engineering alone earns it pride of place.

Luciferin Molecule w/ GlowBonds

Luciferin, the bioluminescent molecule associated with firefly glow.

AlGaAs Semiconductor Teaching Tool

This is a revised version of our original Aluminum Gallium Arsenide semiconductor model. We  replaced several clear bonds with our GlowBonds™ to highlight the p-n junctions.

AlGaAs Model w/ GlowBonds

AlGaAs seminconductor model with GlowBonds indicating p-n junctions

Graphene-Chemistry or Costume?

Graphene has grown in importance as a versatile “new” material. We use our GlowBonds™ to highlight its  remarkable electrical and physical properties.  The standard kit builds a model that measures ~50x40cm or 20×16″.

The sheet can be reconfigured with a hole and “stitched” along the sides to be worn as “chain mail”. There is just enough material for a small child but multiple kits can be combined to make as large a “suit” as needed.

Convert it into a nanoribbon and  it does double duty for cosplay. Star Trek Next Generation fans  can use it as a Klingon bandolier known as a baldric.

graphene sheet superconductor structure

This graphene sheet will glow for hours.  Use it to illustrate resonance in organic chemistry or cover your  costume with  space age chain mail.

DNA in the Dark

This is the GlowBond™ version of our best teaching DNA model. Minor changes make it easier to build but it is still structurally accurate and the cost will be the same.

DNA Model w/ GlowBonds

Glow in the dark 12 base pair DNA model.  Expose to sunlight for just a few seconds and it will glow for hours.

GlowBowl Flask or Fruit Holder

This model  consists of one partial buckyball sphere nested inside another. The inner is made with GlowBonds. Use it to hold a boiling flask decanter or as a fruit bowl.

GlowBowl-eerie flask holder or fruit bowl

GlowBowl, eerie flask holder or fruit bowl. Perfect for holding a pumpkin too!

Build Your Own

Most of all, we supply the full range of genuine Cochranes of Oxford Orbit atoms and 3 sizes of GlowBonds™.  Buy these to build any custom model or modify any set or kit we supply. They’re  guaranteed 100% compatible.

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