Recently many SpaceX satellites in orbit were met with a geomagnetic storm while in Earth’s orbit. The 40 satellites that were set to safe mode during the storm were never corrected and now will plummet down to Earth. NOAA states that geomagnetic storms are a big problem when it comes to out-of-earth equipment. NASA has some measures that it can take to make sure that they know the geomagnetic storm is coming and they can properly prepare for it.

Key Takeaways:

  • They use various spacecraft and satellites provided by HelioSwarm to check variables from the sun
  • NASA launched an agency named STEREO to help with various observatories.
  • MUSE is another program that is similar to HelioSwarm as they measure variables to see what the sun is doing.

“The NOAA defines geomagnetic storms as “a major disturbance of Earth’s magnetosphere that occurs when there is a very efficient exchange of energy from the solar wind into the space environment surrounding Earth.””

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