“Building skyscrapers out of wood: It sounds bizarre, unsafe, maybe even a bit twee. But it could actually be the future of construction”. Now enter the River Beech Tower project, an 800-foot residential skyscraper that would be built almost entirely out of wood.  Similar plans are underway in London, Stockholm, and other cities. Eighteen-story buildings made of timber already exist in Vancouver and Minneapolis, while other structures have popped up in Norway and New Zealand.

Key Takeaways:

  • The global architectural firm Perkins+Will is behind the building of an 800 ft. Skyscraper set to be constructed almost entirely of wood.
  • The wooden, residential skyscraper, known as the “River Beech Tower Project,” will be erected to be a part of Chicago’s downtown.
  • A world where we built a lot more skyscrapers out of wood would almost certainly be a more environmentally friendly place.

“The field of wooden skyscrapers is young. But like the trees it relies upon, it may yet grow into something remarkable.”

Read more: https://theweek.com/articles/816653/how-build-skyscraper-wood