University of Toronto scientist Bryan Gaensler has made a career studying cosmic magnetism. Most people know that the Earth has a magnetic field, with North and South Poles, but magnetism is also found across the universe. The entire Milky Way is magnetic, with electric currents carried across the vast void of space by electrons. Scientists like Gaensler are particularly focused on characterizing the form and structure of cosmic magnets. They are also trying to figure out where their magnetism originally came from.

Key Takeaways:

  • Magnetism is found across the universe, and Bryan Gaensler of the University of Toronto has made a career of studying magnetic forces behind our planet.
  • The magnetic currents that give the Earth its magnetism are transported by the planet’s molten core, while those associated with the Milky Way are transported through the void of space by electrons.
  • Scientists like Gaensler are currently focused on figuring out what cosmic magnets are like, and where they came from.

“There are magnets in your credit card, your cellphone, your car, microwave oven, and computer – and perhaps also pasted all over your refrigerator.”

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