Neodymium magnets have found uses in virtually every area of technology from security sensors to vending machines to ear buds and more. Their strength, even in small magnets, for holding metal objects in place gives them great versatility. Crafts have benefited from this greatly with one such application being custom built knife holders. One of our customers has generously provided us with information on the ones they make.

Jesse bought over 1500 of our 12.5×12.5mm neodymium disc magnet, 44204-12.5 last year for use in knife holders. He has kindly provided us with some biographical information and pictures of some of the work they have done.

Neodymium Magnets from Indigo Instruments

About Stinson Studios

In the early 80s, Don Stinson made a living turning and making furniture, expressing himself creatively by handcrafting wooden bowls and burls in a hundred-year-old horse stable. Since then, the bowls and burls have taken centre stage, and the business has grown in size and gained international recognition. What was once a one-man show has evolved into a two-generation family business that shines internationally while still staying true to the heart and roots of the business.
Their success lies in striving for continual balance, a balance mirrored in the different aesthetics and skill sets brought by Don and his sons, Jesse, and Spike Stinson. Both could be found in the shop, working by their dad’s side as far back as they can remember. Jesse joined him as a partner in 2007, and Spike several years later. They seem to have found an ideal symmetry of business vs. creation, showcasing an unparalleled artistic eye, yet highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.
Even with the growing popularity and demand for their product, and the high profile showcasing in many homes and businesses, Don, Jesse, and Spike still feel the most important aspect of their art is capturing the natural world they live and work in; the world that they truly love. They strive with every piece they create to bring a part of this world to the people who receive their work, no matter if they live in bustling cities halfway around the globe, or in the little house next door.

Magnetic Knife Holders

On the surface, each knife rack appears to be a simple piece of wood showcasing its unique rich grain, however, buried within are 5 powerful neodymium rare earth magnets. Although it was created to hold kitchen knives, it is a great way to organize anything from keys at the door to tools in the workshop.  
Our knife racks, approximately 31/2” by 14”, fit approximately 5 knives, depending on blade width, and come in several styles. The bark edge maple is our most rugged look while the smoother, more natural looking wane edge mirrors the original outer edge of the maple or cherry it is cut from.
Our straight edge maple once again provides a simpler look that will fit well with a more contemporary environment.
Neodymium Magnets - discs
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