Gold Logo Magnifiers

Whether you are a consultant, educator or financial advisor, you’ve given your clients something to remind them of you. Make that something as memorable as you can so it doesn’t end up in a desk drawer or the wastebasket. Here are three examples that do just that.

Credit Card Magnifiers

Credit card magnifiers are eminently practical and convenient for reading the small print on menus, maps or pill labels. They fit wallets or purses and can stay there for years.  Include your name, company, and message and you have a low-cost promotional tool that pays for itself many times over.

White credit card magnifiers with black text have been standard for years.  Printing a metallic gold (or silver) ink on a black card magnifier gives your brand message a touch of elegance.  Whether you hand out your cards or send them in mailings, this added visibility can’t hurt when someone sees your name every time they open their wallet.

Metallic Gold Logo on Black Credit Card Magnifier

Gold logos on black credit card magnifiers really stand out. We offer two shades of metallic gold ink as well as silver and copper.

Folding Pocket Magnifiers

Folding pocket lenses magnify from 5 to 15X and are essential for applications ranging from plant pathology to horticulture to environmental studies.  These tools are especially useful in teaching new techniques or enticing new customers as trade show giveaways.  A logo/text in metallic gold ink reinforces the value of problems solved.

Gold logo black magnifier field-biology

Imprinted folding dual lens 10X, triple lens 15X pocket magnifying loupes; a 5X keychain version is also available. Printing on both sides is optional.

Linen Testers

Linen testers, also known as printers loupes, are recognized tools of the trade for ink, paper or printing accessory producers. Present them to established customers or hand out at trade shows emblazoned with a striking gold version of your logo that evokes quality.

The leftmost magnifier in the image below is featured in another blog, Joules-Angstrom Gold Printers Loupe. You can also see an example of a high resolution laser etched logo.

Gold metallic ink logo printers loupes

Printers loupes, aka linen testers make great promotional items for ink makers and printing accessories.

Other Colors

Gold is our most popular metallic ink. Silver, copper,  and rust red are available.  Combine white and gold or even do multiples colors for that unique brand statement.

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