People who have misophonia have extreme reactions to sounds, that aren’t necessarily loud, but certain sounds have an effect on them. Sounds like, chewing, smacking their lips, whispering, and even sounds people make with their fingers and hands can trigger people to have a negative reaction. This is something that starts in early childhood and gets worse as they become an adult. When they hear the noises they can’t help but escape them, it isn’t something they can control even though they are aware of their overreaction.

Key Takeaways:

  • If the sounds of sipping, slurping, and sniffling drive you insane, you could have misophonia.
  • Often, individuals with misophonia cannot control the exaggerated physical reactions they have to certain sounds.
  • For some unknown reason, people with misophonia are triggered more by family members than strangers.

“People with the condition are aware that they overreact to certain sounds, it’s just that their reaction is not within their control.”

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