Small handheld mini-magnifiers are lightweight and ideal for kids to use in field studies. These mini-magnifiers are just over 3″ long and are nearly indestructible. They come with 3X & 6X lenses and make plants and insects truly come to life. One of our long time customers, NatureBridge -Coastal Camp has been using them for years for this reason. Here is their story in their own words.

Nature Camps for Kids

NatureBridge has been ordering mini-magnifiers from Indigo Instruments since 2014. We order the magnifiers year after year because they get kids excited about science and our summer day camp, Coastal Camp
Naturebridge Mini Magnifiers Science

Mini-magnifiers bring a piece of wood to life by making tree growth rings & insect nests stand out.

We bring the mini-magnifiers to camp fairs along with taxidermied animals and animal parts. While the animals draw people in, the magnifying glasses hold the kids’ interest. The kids explore more deeply and the ones who don’t want to touch the items still make a connection through the detailed examination. While the kids are happily engaged, I have time to talk to the adults about our camp. The kids are always incredibly excited when I tell them they can keep it! It’s a little reminder of Coastal Camp long after the stickers have been thrown away and the candy has been eaten. (Note from Indigo: the stickers use a very aggressive glue and take a bit of work to remove.)

Magnifiers - Branding - Custom

Inexpensive magnifiers also make great marketing tools especially with two different full color logos on each  side of the handle!

NatureBridge is a nonprofit environmental education organization that provides hands-on environmental science programs in national parks across the country. Our mission is to connect young people to the wonder and science of the natural world, by igniting self-discovery and inspiring stewardship of our planet.

Promotional Marketing Mini-Magnifiers

Branded Personalized Custom Magnifiers

The original branding message. A 2nd one on the other side is an even better bang for the buck.

Coastal Camp/NatureBridge & Biographical Info 

Krayton B. is already excited for her second summer as Coastal Camp Director. Krayton started at NatureBridge as an educator in 2016. She has worked at camps and outdoor education centers in Maine, North Carolina and Southern California. Krarton grew up attending day and residential camps.  This inspired her to get a degree in Education from Kansas State University and pursue a career in experiential education. Krayton enjoys helping kids engage with nature by balancing moments of free exploration and games with quiet observation and stories. Outside of work, Krayton loves to find a place to hang her hammock and read, listen to podcasts or rock climb (or maybe all three on a perfect day!)
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