Three Physicists, in coordination with a mathematician, have stumbled across a basic premise regarding the correlation between mathematical behavior of neutrinos. The physicists were unsure that a certain relationship between the two properties was mathematically related, but the mathematician was able to find multiple proofs that eigenvalues and eigenvectors were related and constant. All four contributors were skeptical that such a basic premise had been overlooked by the scientific community. With no existing studies about the relationship, the four scientists submitted a paper detailing their findings. The combined paper detailing these values is pending approval.

Key Takeaways:

  • eigenvectors were equal to eigenvalues, which are easier to compute
  • they posted a paper reporting their formula which is now under review to be published
  • another formula similar to theirs had been published in 2001, but there were enough differences to allow theirs to be considered “new information”

“Although the physicists could hardly believe they’d discovered a new fact about such bedrock math, they couldn’t find the relationship in any books or papers”

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