Theoretical physicists have been throwing around the idea of warp speed travel for decades. Although, recent research has shown that the idea of warp speed travel within the universe is nearly impossible for humans. Still, they have found that people may have time slowed down for them using a specific warp drive. This could be important for people with terminal cancer or those suffering from old age. Obviously, this type of technology is not practical at the moment, but the promising theoretical research shows a bright look into the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bending the fabric of reality may seem like science fiction, but it has been proposed as a real possibility by one scientist, Miguel Alcubierre.
  • Mexican theoretical physicist, Miguel Alcubierre, proposed that warp speed was possible by travelling faster than light speed.
  • Alcubierre’s proposal builds on Einstein’s theory of relativity and appears to have applications beyond time travel itself.

“But while Bobrick and Martire have managed to substantially demystify warp technology, their work actually suggests that faster-than-light travel will remain out of reach for beings like us, at least for the time being.”

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