Black holes have long posed a problem for physicists who study them. On the one hand, it seems they must destroy everything that enters them. On the other hand, such destruction would violate a rule of quantum mechanics that says information can never be lost. Recent findings from a number of researchers have hinted at the existence for traversable wormholes which can allow information to enter and then escape black holes. A traversable wormhole would connect two back holes, and information could be passed through using quantum teleportation. The findings offer an important new perspective on black holes.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to recent research, a black hole wouldn’t be used to transport anything because it destroys anything that gets into it.
  • The theoretical wormholes that now exist can disappear before anything has the chance to get into it but this might change in the future.

“He had her enter a black hole and exit light-years away, but he didn’t know if this made any sense.”

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