According to the Big Bang Theory, the universe developed from a superheated dense ball of energy. Physicists have found problems with this theory because the laws of physics dictate that such dense energy would crumple in on itself. Another theory was added to explain how the cosmos expanded instead, but that leaves the question of what came before the energy bundle. Stephen Hawking proposed that nothing came before because there is no beginning and no end. The universe has no boundaries.

Key Takeaways:

  • In a gathering of Physicists, Stephen Hawking presented his groundbreaking idea that astonished many that states that the universe began from nothing.
  • All scientific discussions on cosmology and discussions on the planet have always been met with a question that asks: what happened before that?
  • When scientists talk about the big bang theory that says the universe expanded from a big ball of energy, the question they ask is where the energy comes from.

“The no-boundary proposal has fascinated and inspired physicists for nearly four decades.”

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