By utilizing stem cells created from blood cells, Japanese scientists created an immature human egg. Immature human eggs have actually been created under lab conditions before. However, this is the first time such an egg has come from human blood. Because of these new findings, infertile couples, older couples, etc. may have a new choice and greater hope, but the research is still in the early stages.

Key Takeaways:

  • The immature human eggs created by scientists in Japan is a breakthrough that will hopefully lead to the creation of mature eggs in the future.
  • The eggs are not capable of being fertilized yet but they will be used for scientific research.
  • There is hope that people who are infertile will one day be able to have their own children using stem cells taken from their blood.

“This development will have a huge impact on research outside of reproduction, as well. Scientists will be able to create human eggs on-demand for use in a variety of different research such as testing what effects if any, certain drugs have on a human egg.”

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