The Event Horizon Telescope has taken a new image of black hole M87, revealing its magnetic field. The photo was a result of the collaboration of dozens of scientific teams from around the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Supermassive black holes primarily “feed” on large quantities of gas and dust, according to the European Southern Observatory.
  • The spruced-up picture released by the team of more than 300 researchers behind the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration unveiled the spiraling lines of magnetism emanating from the shadowy center of
  • Magnetic fields shape how matter around the black hole moves and swirls, which can affect the feeding habits and evolution of a black hole.

“These telescopes collected petabytes of data (the equivalent of almost 15,000 iPhone hard drives worth of information) that had to be combined by supercomputers to make the final image we see. That first image added incredible evidence to Einstein’s famous theory of relativity, which predicted what the shadow of a black hole would look like, and opened the door for scientists to learn more about the mysteries of black holes.”

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