Both science and life experience clearly demonstrate that maintaining a healthy weight is not just a matter of eating less or getting more exercise. Some people’s digestive systems just extract more nutrients and calories out of the exact same amount and type of food. Recent research suggests this is largely a result of what kinds of microbes live in your digestive tract, with some microbiome types being associated with faster and easier weight gain than others. This, in turn, depends on a very complex set of factors involving how aggressively the immune system in the gut targets different bacteria.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your body’s relationship with its microbial community is essential to understanding health.
  • Modern medicine, such as antibiotics, can kill off the helpful gut bacteria we need.
  • An off-balance gut biome can adversely affect health and body weight.

“They found that healthy mice have plenty of bacteria from a genus called Clostridia, but few from Desulfovibrio, and that their guts let most fat pass right through.”

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