New quantum technologies have recently benefited scientists in analyzing individual atoms of light through sensors, computers, and an actual communication network. This is a huge development, as scientists previously studied mainly the universe as a whole, and not always the singular elements. The quantum computing associated with these models is overseen by a group of policy-makers that are employed to ensure these quantum technologies remain ethical. Some of this was brought to light in the road map that was released by CSIRO focusing on the social risks of these technologies.

Key Takeaways:

  • We cannot assume technological advancements will be in the interest of the public at first.
  • Due to the cost of quantum computing, the power and infrastructure will be kept in the wealthiest countries.
  • People need to discuss and set up standards before the second quantum revolution arrives so that problems may be properly handled.

“We must look ahead to what a quantum society might entail and how the quantum design choices made today might impact how we live in the near future.”

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