There isn’t much that we can do if our bodies have been genetically predisposition to develop Alzheimer’s but knowing potential triggers for it early in life could work in our favor. In a new blog post by The Atlantic, they outline studies that show increased links between diabetes and Alzheimer’s. They take us through a couple of independent studies along with the results and then touch on a few additional factors that you might want to consider looking at as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • In recent years people have been giving an appellation to Alzheimer’s and they are calling it type 3 diabetes but the author says it doesn’t make sense.
  • While type 1 diabetes is correlated with insulin and hereditary, type 2 diabetes is associated with sugar levels while Alzheimer’s is due to the Western diet.
  • In a study that followed several people over ten years, it was found that people with high levels of sugar in their blood had high cognitive decline.

“In some cases, the path from sugar to Alzheimer’s leads through type 2 diabetes, but as a new study and others show, that’s not always the case.”

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