You will often hear from students that learning science is difficult because it is so dry and boring. There is no excuse for dehumanizing science, as we teach it to younger generations, regardless of the level at which science is taught. By not doing so, students are deprived of the bigger picture and clearer understanding of how science is an integral part and a need for our daily lives. With increased engagement that starts in the classroom, we can elevate the status of science in the public realm.

Key Takeaways:

  • We miss out teaching students about the history of science and how it’s been critical in our search for sense in the world.
  • Students typically feel like science is boring and doesn’t have practical application in their lives.
  • Students feel more connected with science when they realize how fundamental it is for solving the world’s problems.

“Of course, there are spectacular exceptions, truly motivating and inspiring science teachers across the world.”

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