The paradox is now half a century old and it is thought to hold that missing link between theory created by Einstein and quantum physics fundamentals. The new crop of scientists is taking a rejuvenated attempt at solving the issue. Back in early 1974, the paradox concerning the black holes was created and it has been a highly motivating problem for many physicists. The original formula is corrected, through joint work of physicists gathered in a scientific network dedicated to solving the paradox.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stephen Hawking’s paradox was based on the notion that black holes would violently contract before yielding any information.
  • MIT’s Netta Engelhardt came up with a new calculation showing that information does escape black holes.
  • Engelhart says that a full resolution of Hawking’s paradox would require learning exactly how black hole information comes out.

“Solving the information paradox quickly came to be seen as a route to discovering the true, quantum theory of gravity, which general relativity approximates well everywhere except black holes.”

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