Supporters of bloodsucking creatures, like vampire rats, leeches, and ticks believe that they are not admired as much as they should be. They rave about the creature’s complex process of evolution. It’s hard to live on a blood-based diet. That may be why few creatures before them have done it. Bloodsuckers are even responsible for influencing many of the iconic, blood thirsty monsters that run rampant in pop culture, such as Dracula or other notable vampires.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ticks, leeches and vampire rats are but just three of 30,000 bloodsucking species.
  • The bloodsucking creatures have a very advanced, almost poetic, intricate system.
  • Bloodsuckers have positive things to contribute, such as leeches have the best anticoagulants in their blood.

““I can think of no other system that’s [so] intricate that has evolved separately,” Kvist says. “And it makes blood-feeding as a behavior even more beautiful.””

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