The norovirus is highly contagious, it is also known as the stomach flu. All it takes is for one person to fall ill in a group of people, and one by one, the rest of the group will become sick as well. Projectile vomiting is the most common way the virus is spread. All it takes is a small amount of the virus to become ingested and it bonds to cells in your small intestines and starts to cause the nasty symptoms. Certain blood types like b may be resistant to the virus.

Key Takeaways:

  • Norovirus is very difficult to contain, as it can live for long periods in adverse environments.
  • Norovirus is always evolving, and it’s possible to have a later version of the virus after contracting it previously.
  • Various blood types, including type B, have a resistance to the norovirus due to the way it absorbs sugars.

“Most studies have found that immunity guarding against reinfection with the same norovirus strain lasts less than six months. Also, infection with one strain of norovirus offers little protection against infection from another. Thus, you can have repeated bouts with norovirus.”

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