What is an Erlenmeyer Flask?

Erlenmeyer flasks, also known as conical flasks,  are among the most recognized types of lab glassware and are routinely associated with science themed TV shows and movies.  Its conical shape and narrow neck are distinguishing features.  The rimmed mouth acts as a lip for easy pouring and stoppering. These features make them useful in the lab, as novel  kitchenware or restaurant decanters.

Erlenmeyer Flask Function

The key benefit to using a cork or rubber stoppered Erlenmeyer flask is to reduce or eliminate of evaporation & contamination by airborne bacterial, fungal and chemical contaminants. They are popular with chemists & biologists for storing chemicals or preparing algal or microbial cultures & by home brewers of craft beers.

Erlenmeyer Flask Cork Bundle

This advantage extends beyond the realm of science labs to home or work. The wide range of Erlenmeyer flask sizes enhances their versatility when it comes to home decor.  From the very small 50ml for holding truffle oil to 250ml for salad dressings and 500ml and 1000ml (1L or roughly 1 quart) for wine, juice or milk.   The long neck and beaded rim make spill free pouring easy. They also fit into pressure cookers for autoclaving (pressure & temperature sterilization) if needed long term storage is especially important.

Regardless of the application, we offer flask & stopper combos with a 50% savings when you buy them by the box, typically 8-12 pieces. See our 250ml Erlenmeyer flask and cork stopper bundle as an example. Other flask and stopper combos are listed at the bottom.

How Sterilize to Erlenmeyer Flasks

If you want to sterilize an empty Erlenmeyer flask for use in brewing, culturing, etc., aluminum foil is best. Put the foil sealed flask into a pressure cooker (autoclave) & heat at full pressure. 10 minutes should be enough for most applications but let experience be your guide.

Glass Erlenmeyer Flasks

Erlenmeyer flasks are convenient storage vessels for all manner of liquids. Use stoppers, cellophane or aluminum foil to keep oils, juices, algal cultures or brewing beer free of contaminants.

Cork vs Rubber Stoppers

A common question is which is better, cork or rubber? Cork has better aesthetic appeal, especially when used with consumables such as juices and is less likely to impart any odor to the flask’s content. Cellophane keeps out contaminants but aluminum foil is preferred by biologists and home brewers who sterilize their flasks in autoclaves (pressure cookers) prior to innoculation.

1000ml Erlenmeyer Flask Cork Bundle

Erlenmeyer flask cork bundles available  for 50, 150, 250, 500 & 1000 ml sizes.

Promotional Flasks

The great utility of Erlenmeyer flasks make them popular promotional items by science equipment suppliers and beverage businesses. Single color screen printed logos are the the most common choice but 2 color is in some cases works best on larger sized flasks which have room for more text & images. Dishwasher safe decals are best for full color.

Promotional Lab Glassware

Some single color logos done on a variety of sizes. The logos are limited by the curvature of the flask. There is more room for taller logos.

Other Branding Ideas

  1. Beakers are popular with Baristas, Brewers & Distillers or as Wedding Giveaways
  2. There’s even room on test tubes.
  3. We do other science items as well.

Some Customer Reviews

We don’t offer any inducements for our customers to write reviews but when they do, they’re pretty effusive in their praise.

  1. 500mL EFs from Kevin.
  2. 1000ml EFs from Rob.
  3. 50ml EFs from Khrystal.

Erlenmeyer (aka Conical) Flasks

These are all the sizes we offer both standalone and bundled with cork stoppers. Some are available with rubber stoppers.

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