Custom imprinted science glassware with personal messages or corporate logos is becoming increasingly popular & not just for science and technology companies. Lab beakers are being used as shot glasses and drinking vessels by breweries and distilleries. Weddings see them put into service for holding candy and flowers. Here is an interesting example we recently did.  

Custom Imprinted Lab Beakers

A client in California contacted us with an urgent request. They had a trade show in a week and wondered if we could deliver on time. Normally this would be impossible but we were fortunate that our printer had an opening. We were able to do a production proof of the beaker with logo, get it approved,  printed next day & delivered all in a week.

Genesis Logo Promotional Glass Lab Beakers

250ml chemistry lab beaker imprinted with white logo.

PMS Matched Logo Lab Beakers

The customer submitted their artwork and indicated a Pantone preference which as a shade of grey.  After a brief discussion, we both agreed that it might not show up well against different colored liquid and that white was a better choice . You can see the finished result in the picture above.

Moral of the Story

For those with a sense of humor, you can appreciate this . On the 7th day, we delivered a glass lab beaker with a custom printed logo that simply says Genesis. We’re science types here but still thought it rather pithy to declare “Let There Be White!”

We cannot guarantee this sort of rush result normally, so please plan accordingly.

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