On Amazon, it’s easy to buy without thinking – here’s how to resist!

Competition is great in business. It drives us to listen to customers, improve our offerings and work harder to satisfy your needs.
And we do seem to be doing something right. In our recent customer survey, 95% of our customers said they’d be happy to recommend us, and 90% said we provide products that are hard to find anywhere else.

Yet we, like many small businesses, have to compete against companies like Amazon. Amazon wants you to buy without thinking and they do a great job of helping you do just that. But that sends all the money to Amazon and small businesses all over the world get cut out.

Those small businesses may employ your friends and family, they go to the same schools and they’re part of your local community. Yet, they don’t even get a shot.

And that’s why I’m asking for your help, not just for us but for small businesses worldwide that compete with Amazon.

Here’s how I’d like you to help. Instead of buying without thinking, we like you to follow these 3 steps when you shop online:

1. Think – is there a small business locally or online that could serve you just as well, even better? If you can, buy from them at least once.
2. Give them an honest review – it’s great for small businesses to get feedback, but don’t just say “excellent!”. Explain why, as in “This was excellent because…”.
3. Tell your family and friends about your experience – people love word-of-mouth recommendations and your good words can make a real difference to any small business.

And if you think that makes sense, we’d like you to share these steps with as many people as they can. We’re hoping this simple idea will resonate and you’ll spread it by word of mouth.

This isn’t just about Indigo Instruments, if more people followed these small steps, it would make a big difference to small businesses everywhere.

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