Insect Pins+Heart Art=HeARTwork

Entomology is still the main reason our customers buy insect pins but many are artists who do visually stunning work. One of them, Polly Gentry, sent us some images of her heart art which she calls “HeARTwork” (no doubt a clever play on the words “hard work”.  See them below with Polly’s commentary.

HeARTwork by Polly Gentry

“Attached are the three sizes of photo hearts I create.  I call them my Custom HeARTwork.  Each piece is framed in a custom acrylic box to preserve them.

Better Together HeARTwork

“PG: Better Together” was a first wedding anniversary gift since the traditional gift for 1st anniversaries is paper.

The hearts are cut from digital photos sent from my clients via dropbox or a usb drive.  I’ve created many first anniversary pieces since the traditional gift is paper for a first anniversary.

HeARTwork: From Africa With Love.

PG: “From Africa With Love”. It was a thank you gift for a wonderful trip from a daughter to her mother.

I’ve created memories for loved ones, pets, trips and more.   I use your entomology pins because they give them such a professional polished look.

PG: Titled “For Jessica”

All the information on how to purchase these are on my website: under pinned hearts and Custom HeARTwork.

I do create other pinned pieces with magazine paper and painted paper as well.”

Which Pins?

Most of Polly’s heart art was done with #3 black enamel pins but a few used thinner #2 black enamel or the thickest #7 black enamel. If you are just starting out and are not sure what you need, we offer 10 pins in each of the sizes as a sampler: enamel or stainless.

For most artistic applications, there is no reason to use the more expensive stainless steel unless your material is valuable, especially some of the textiles shown in museums. The enamel is a coating & if it gets nicked & wet, there is a risk of a rust stain. This does not occur with stainless.

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