Wash, rinse, sanitize. Three words to remember if you want a passing grade when the health inspector checks your restaurant kitchen’s food handling practices. All you need to clean safely is a 3-compartment sink, soap, hot water, sanitizer, and Indigo® chlorine test strips. Watch the video below and you should pass with flying colors.

Wash, Rinse, Sanitize: 3 Sink Cleaning

This video shows easy-to-follow instructions for proper washing, rinsing, and sanitizing in your 3-basin sink followed by air drying. There are links to various Indigo® Sanitizer/Disinfectant Test Strips listed throughout the article.

Which Restaurant Sanitizer Test Strips?

Chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite) is the most common & most economical sanitizing chemical used in restaurant kitchens.  Just buy regular bleach at your supermarket and dilute it to 50,  100ppm, or 200ppm. Economical & easy to read Indigo® 0-200ppm chlorine/bleach test strips are shown below. All you have to do is dip the strip in the bleach solution and compare it to the color chart. You’ll know in seconds whether your bleach rinsing solution is at strength or needs bolstering or replacing.

chlorine test papers 200ppm

These test strips come with a 5-year expiration guarantee but actually never expire. So, stock up & save with our 10+ discount.

 Restaurant QAC/Multi Quat Sanitizer Test Strips

Quat, also known as QAC (quaternary ammonium chloride), is also popular, especially for hard surface sanitizing & disinfection. There are many different quat mixtures but the Indigo® 0-400ppm QAC/QR test strips shown in the picture below will work with all of them, single or multi-quat.

Need more information? Read our blog: Quaternary Ammonium Compounds-Organic Disinfectants

Quat Test Strips

0-400ppm QAC quick response test strips for hard surface disinfection. Comes with a 3-year guaranteed shelf life.

Dishwasher Sanitizer Iodine Test Strips

Iodine is the least common of the kitchen sanitizers. It has largely been replaced by chlorine & quat sanitizers in commercial dishwashers. Click here if you need Iodine Test Strips.

How Do I Dilute Correctly?

Our dilution calculator will work with any of these disinfectant chemicals and lets you dilute any starting concentration down to any volume.

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