Prof. Paul Lacaze of Monash University in Melbourne, VI, Australia poses beside our
36 base pair “Big Bang Theory” DNA model in the picture below.

Paul is Head of the Public Health Genomics Program & recently took delivery of our best DNA molecular model.  It’s doing double duty as a Xmas tree which is a bit ironic since Melbourne will be close to 30o this Christmas.  All the best from us at Indigo Instruments where it will be much colder here in Waterloo.

Big Bang Theory DNA Model Xmas Tree

Big Bang Theory DNA Model


Dr. Paul Lacaze of Monash University in Melbourne poses with our Big Bang Theory DNA Model Christmas Tree.

Santa Claus on DNA Model in Germany

This German high firm bought their model for Christmas, 2017.


DNA model in Germany


Another DNA model Xmas tree at Genomatix in Munich, Germany


Hi Tech Lobby Decor USA

And finally, one in North America to give us the 3 continent hat trick. This US based high tech firm bought theirs in the fall of 2018. Their words are in the caption below.


“The helix model was actually first noticed in the series “The Big Bang Theory”.  We decided to include the model as part of a lobby remodelling project given the direct correlation between biotech and DNA”.

Footnote: DNA Model History

These models are based on our original 17 base pair version which first sold to Bell Labs, New Jersey in 2000. The Big Bang Theory people contacted us between seasons 1 & 2 and bought 2 which they stacked to create the version you see on the show.  We tweaked the design to get it to 36 base pairs which codes for 12 amino acids all the while maintaining the structural accuracy of the model. We point this out since there are poor knock offs being touted as the BBT model.

A big thank you to our hundreds of customers for buying the only technically accurate model of its kind on the market. We greatly appreciate your vote of confidence.

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