Test Tube Uses

Test tubes aren’t just for the lab. You’ll find them in the kitchen, restaurants, and bars, as product samplers, at parties, and even at weddings. We’ve listed just a few of the brilliant ideas sent in by our customers. Thanks to all of our contributors!

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Glass Test Tube Flower Vases

The 25x100mm (1×4″) glass test tube has become popular as a flower vase. Many find their way into homemade wooden bases or hang supported by their rims. The ones below are held together by plastic clips.

The image is courtesy of Jeneen W. of Vancouver who also told us: “My test tubes have just been delivered and I wanted you to know that I am delighted with them! They are of superior quality to the ones they will be replacing – a vase designed to hold short-stemmed flowers that is configurable. The breakage was due to a very naughty cat!”

Glass test tube flower vase assembly.

Simple plastic clips that can be arranged to hold flowers.

Gourmet Coffee Holders

Using test tubes to hold gourmet coffee beans has become popular. Since each test tube can hold a fairly exact amount of beans, this is one way to ensure that every cup tastes the same. The custom-built rack shown below uses 25x150mm (1×6″) glass test tubes with cork stoppers. However, serious coffee drinkers will brew larger batches so the really large 32x200mm (1.25×8″) glass tubes or gigantic 38x200mm (1.5×8″) test tubes may be more to your liking.

Gourmet Coffee Test Tubes in Wood Rack

Gourmet coffee deserves elegant presentation and of course, proper airtight storage to preserve the nuances of a fine bean & roast. Image Courtesy Ben Hornstein

Test Tube Spice Rack

This is a spice rack that was designed to be wall mounted. Note the use of rubber washers to support the tubes in their holes. The tubes have a rim at the top which ensures they don’t fall through the hole. The rubber washers (o-rings) support make a bit higher so they are easy to lift out.

Spice rack image courtesy of Brandon Adams Elemental Design

Test tube rack image courtesy of Brandon Adams Elemental Design

Halloween Party Shooter Tubes

The standard lab test tube, 18x150mm (3/4 x 6″) holds 25ml or 1 fluid ounce to make it the perfect shot glass. The blood-red cocktails add atmosphere to your Halloween party.

Martha Stewart Test Tube Shooters

Here’s a photo Martha Stewart’s people sent us ages ago of our test tubes filled with “blood” for a Halloween party suggestion.

Big Test Tube Planter

The image below features our popular 25x150mm (1×6″) used for plant propagation. We also have 32x200mm (1.25×8″) & 38x200mm (1.5×8″),  to make even bigger hanging test tube vases. The clear glass against a white-painted wall delivers the maximum amount of sunshine where it’s needed.

Glass Test Tube Wall Vases

Wall Mounted Test Tubes used for Plant Propagation and as Flower Vases

Test Tube Sizes

Here is a list of all the sizes of test tubes we carry. This heat-resistant borosilicate glass (“Pyrex”) tubes have reinforced rims for repeated stoppering and come without any markings.  You can buy one at a time, by the box, or as combos with stoppers.

What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

Customer satisfaction with our test tubes is pretty good. One such customer was so pleased, we thought you’d be interested in a Google Review she recently did.

Deshana Barua (select newest; submitted of 2022.01.19)

I brought some glass tubes to display my propagations and replace a broken one. Their prices are very reasonable (it’s impossible to buy just a single piece from online retailers like Amazon, which I’d rather not support anyway) and they processed my order and shipped very quickly. They arrived well-packaged with no broken glass and appear to be well-made.

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